ABOUT Seabrook Media


My name is Owen Seabrook. I’m 20 years old, live in Leeds and have been producing media content for over a decade. Using creative, inspired media to make an impact is the passion that pushed me into the world of marketing.


I began freelancing as a videographer and photographer in my mid-teens and, in 2015, started Seabrook Media out of the determination to use my skillset in a more professional environment.


Since then, my work has been exhibited live to hundreds and streamed to thousands. My productions have won our clients awards, racked up tonnes of brand engagement, and have been viewed worldwide. I've worked for businesses ranging from small startups to national suppliers, and for all manner of creative clients.


In 2016, I shifted my focus. I noticed that small, public-facing business (where I always seemed to have the better customer experience) struggled to gain access to quality marketing due to the expensive nature of the agency culture, and the lack of marketing skills and knowledge (and time to acquire them) among small business owners prevented them from accessing it themselves. My ethic has always been to provide the best possible piece of work and the best possible experience to my client, so I combined my skills as a content producer with my bespoke approach to create a service that helped where help was needed most, by opening the door for an all-round marketing service that saved time, money and stunted growth for the small brand owner.


I don't have thirty years of communications-agency experience under my belt, but I know how to produce media and I know what it's like to run a small business. I don't have a staff of fifteen and an office building; I have myself, and the professional production equipment I've grafted for years to acquire. I don't have mortgage repayments and a family to support, so I don't charge as if I do.    You won't find anyone more eager to do a good job than I am, because I'm determined to provide the best service you've ever had.


The video looks fantastic, thank you very much.