After the Christmas break I found myself in that familiar slog getting the ball rolling again after a couple of weeks' break back home in sleepy St Helens. The last few months have been crazy busy and exciting but since I'm bad at working within, let's say, 'traditional hours', I made the executive decision to not take work home with me.

The 20th December was my cutoff and I worked right up to leaving for my train. I wish I was joking. From then til home, I indulged in all of about six email responses and that was it, so here I am.

I've eased myself back into things over the past two weeks. The to-do lists are back, I'm ideating with clients for new projects and suddenly my Google Calendar is getting more and more full, but having let go of the reins temporarily, I still found myself scrabbling in the dark temporarily to get them back. It was time for a meeting.

I went to meet a contact, friend and supporter of mine who's been mentoring me for maybe two years now and the talk we had was very refreshing. I left feeling like I was back in action - we had talked extensively about new growth, new tactics and new perspectives and looking over my notes from the meeting I felt like an explorer that had just realised his map was upside-down. Suddenly everything was clear again, so I started setting some goals that I thought I'd share for your benefit.

2018 Goals


Typically with this sort of business, costs happen thick and fast in short bursts. Buy a PC and a camera and you won't need to make a payment like that for a while. I've been up and running long enough now that the essentials are more than covered, so I now need to look at longevity, which starts with securing somewhere to live. Right now I'm OK until July 2019, and that's when I need to have something figured out. Here's the plan: Save a fixed amount monthly from my regular job, have a year's rent saved (or thereabouts) to put down for a flat when the time is right. That way I'll be safe and sound in my favourite city slap bang in the middle of the North for 2018.

With the business, as I've always done, all money is going to be reinvested into the upkeep. Business money is business money and the more I earn the more my quality improves further. 4K video and industry-favourite production software isn't enough for me! With student loan covering the living costs and my other job doing the futureproofing, I'll divert this stream of income towards making sure the reach of my quality is always increasing.



I've had the GH4 for about six months now and it's been ridiculous. I'm so excited to see what footage I'll have shot with this in a couple of years' time, but I now have enough to update my marketing materials. There's a corporate video showreel in the works as well as a social media package video-review where my client Louis from Hippy Mini Market describes how the service went for him. As I'll explain in another post, cold marketing is not my style at all. I want my work to be good enough to earn people's trust and not engage in blunt, short-term, poor-relationship marketing techniques like I've already seen a thousand wannabe Wolves of Woodhouse Lane try to be, so I'm going to produce some quality materials and put together a nice friendly email template that simply shows people I'm here and ready to go. I'm also going to develop some first-time client offers and put those out as I'm really excited to produce more social media packages for young enterprising businesses.



I'm 21 years old now. Optimal business process development is not my forte. I'm running this gig to make outstanding media to help people's businesses along, you might expect my back-end procedures are a little bespoke. However, I'm used to my methods now so I'm currently refining things. Part of the service is my client experience and I'm working on ways to make all the planning and organising more hassle-free for the client, getting all the info I need for the production in one smooth, structured meeting. Things go well already but I'm striving for clients to leave thinking 'bloody hell, that was painless' - it can be a real struggle to plan a video when you don't know the lingo so I'm always looking to get more fluent in normal human people language and forget the primitive editing jargon tongue I occasionally fall into!


Personal Development

Learning more things, making more stuff. I can do a lot of cool stuff with a camera and computer but there's so much deeper I can go with the output with the right tuition. MORE layers! MORE colours! MORE pixels! I'm not really a receiving-Christmas-presents type of person so I asked my mum to just get things off a booklist if she wanted gift ideas, which means I've now got a nice few months of respected reading in areas of personal development, graphic design, and business management.

Also I'll probably work on going to bed at normal times and eating less cereals. I suppose.

See you later.