Since I'm not great with blank pages, my strategy for coming up with worthwhile content has been to research until something hits me. I've so far been using the frontpage on r/entrepreneur to see what posts I've had experience with and can relate to.

Today, I opened up the page to find this post. Scrolling through the comments, a user commented their industry with a current turnover stat so I clicked to do some digging. Turns out, this user built the whole r/EntrepreneurRideAlong subreddit which I also trawl! I found a post from her detailing a 'start a local business in 30 days' plan and after a few minutes of digging, thought to myself "I should get back to looking for topics."

It was after another couple of minutes of post-scanning that I noticed I was feeling more optimistic for some reason. In spite of all my fears, the chances of failure, expectations of struggle and hardship, that poster was making business sound like a breeze. It was very comforting to read! I was reminded that I hadn't been following some of my own advice, and that's today's philosophy. Zoom out.

What's the philosophy?

Zoom out from your worries. Zoom out from your fears. Take stock of all the resources at your disposal and the hardships you're not facing. Business is tough but so's life - if you want to start something, why not start it with the positive attitude this lady's putting out rather than dragging your feet out of reluctance to fail. Nobody's there to judge you for not succeeding, but making the effort to try is what is important. These words are a hard pill to swallow even for myself after a tough week spent unable to get much done in lieu of my other job, but they are true. Zoom out from the negative minutiae and see the opportunities, progress and success you've already achieved.