Here's a short one about outsmarting your procrastination to a productive end. It's real easy.

What's the philosophy?

Have multiple projects! All of them meaningful and useful. Big projects, small projects, some that take days and some that take years.

Sometimes people can struggle to be creative when the time calls. When there's work to be done, Facebook is on. Opportunity's knocking and we can't hear over Netflix. That's because we feel committed to doing that one thing that's in our way, so we just fumble around and deliberate until we can't any more.

Instead, don't let yourself do the work - do something else productive instead. Then you're still getting stuff done, and you'll benefit from this handy happenstance: your best ideas will come when you can't do anything about them.

I'm doing regular 12-hour shifts at a place in Leeds at the minute. In three weeks of heavy shifts, I've had a fair few exciting ideas for Seabrook Media. This blog, which I know I'd never do at home in the wake of video or photo stuff, has come into existence as a result of finishing my shifts and deciding to spend an extra hour on the work computers, since these don't have my production software installed leavinh me unable to edit. I'm dying to get a free few days to act on these ideas I've got planned, and that's because I've not been able to touch the business save a few shoots this month. Fresh ideas come when you're not expecting them - inspiration is fickle and hard to train, so if you're getting absolutely nowhere, just do some other stuff.

It works for a lot. Even heading to the gym or doing some cleaning puts you in a better spirit to work and takes you away from the canvas so you can plan your next work of art. Since this workplace is 40 minutes' walk away, I've even been able to write some new bars and some stand-up stuff on the walks.

Give it a go if you're feeling stuck. When you're ready to do the work, however, jump straight in and kill it.

See you later.