Here's a tool I've found that's super useful for the busy 'grammer. I'll tell you Later.

Later is a handy program that comes in app and website form, and it's been the answer to my prayers. You see, despite Facebook's acquisition of Instagram back in 2013, they still haven't shared their post scheduling toys, which is a real pain if you're trying to run an upload campaign but don't have much time to spare. Some will look towards paid means - the bots and such - but these breach terms of service and risk banning and the non-organic engagement, so I don't advise that as a solution in any way.

Instead, Later acts like a database where you prepare your post in advance along with a set time for when you want it to go live. When the clock strikes, Later's scripts fire over a notification that it's posting time, and upon your approval, copies your pre-written caption into your phone clipboard and opens up Instagram. It takes you as far as selecting the image, so all you have to do is paste your caption and hit post.

With something like my Social Media Package service, where after designing three months of branding content in advance to automate as much as I can, it's a godsend. Until now I've had to teach my clients to copy their captions from scheduled Facebook posts and use that to post to Instagram on the right posting days, which is a two-minute job but means they need to remember when it's posting time. Now they can truly forget all about posting, as their social media channels are ticking over by themselves!