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Photo. Video. Social Media. Motion Design.

Seabrook Media is the visual content production agency for Leeds' tech and digital sector, translating cold hard code into cinematic, thematic, comedic and artistic visual design.

We've worked with app designers, educators, enablers and - name drop - the Leeds Digital Festival 2018 - to produce messaging that sticks.




Content marketer.

I've found a lot of teams struggle with their online marketing. The reasons often aren't too far from each other:

They don't have the ideas, they don't have the skills, and those with ideas and skills are too expensive.

That's how I fit in. I've been producing creative visual content for a long time, and I love business and marketing strategy. Social media marketing isn't scary or difficult, and it doesn't have to cost tens of thousands of pounds. It's about doing the right research, crafting a routine, and filling that routine with content. That's all it takes.

These routines I call Social Media Packages: three-month advertising campaigns for small businesses and brands. They save money, time, and stress over neglecting your online channels, and bump up your visual quality past the skill and tech you might have available.



Here's some feedback.

"Extremely easy to work with, we asked for a photographer just 3 days before our event and we were sent over a very reasonable quote within the hour. Would definitely recommend."


"We are extremely pleased with the photographs that we have received from Seabrook Media."


"Working with Seabrook Media was a pleasure - the service was fast, efficient and to a very good standard. Would highly recommend!"


"On more than one occasion, Owen was sending us artwork designs back and forth at 3am. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is!"


"I really value how he can visually convey my thoughts through either graphics, a photoshoot or when making a short film."


"The thing I appreciated most was that he made me feel like he was invested in our project, and that it wasn’t just a job to him."


"The product provided met all of our requirements (and did not need any amendment).  An excellent piece of work."


"The photos Owen took were exactly what we were looking for. Professional, but still with a bit of personality in them. Couldn't be happier."


"He made every single change we asked for, speedily and accurately, and provided expert advice."


"Seabrook Media were extremely helpful.  They knew exactly what was required from our brief, and provided the product within a short time-scale."


"He was extremely efficient, highly professional and personable."


"The communication has been excellent.  They have kept us informed throughout, and have been courteous and extremely helpful."


"We sent a brief over to Owen who very quickly grasped what we were looking for. A short conversation later to double check the details and offer us some insight and it was all sorted. Turned up on time to the event and got some great shots without any kind of disruption or headache to organise."


"I would highly recommend Owen to anyone looking to establish their new enterprise’s branding."


"I now have something of substance to be proud of and to show to future clients."


"We will definitely be using Seabrook Media again. Thanks!"


"You did a great job on the video and we were all very pleased with it."