Social Media Packages

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Owner Louis talks about his experience filling the marketing gap in his business with photography, videography and strategy using a social media package.

The problem:

  • Marketing is important, but it's hard and people don't know how to do it properly.
  • People who do know charge way too much.
  • Small brands lack the time to learn or the funds to afford good marketing.

That's where the Social Media Packages come in.


    The Solution:

    • I learn your brand's messages and selling points,
    • Make three months of visual content (films, photographs, graphics) using those messages,
    • Structure that content into an advertisement campaign spanning three months,
    • Return it to you with your next quarter's marketing which covers everything you need to advertise,
    • And help you execute the campaign for the full duration.

    How does it help?

    • A trained, skilled content producer produces all your brand-representative media.
    • Your media strengthens your brand's community and keeps your digital presence active and engaging.
    • You and your team regain time to focus on your strength: the product.
    • Your business increases its status and legitimacy in the public eye and attracts more growth.
    • You pay a much more reasonable price than the cost of hiring marketing staff or paying an agency.


    What's in a package?


    Visual quality denotes authority in branding, which raises an audience's respect for the brand thereby building trust. In other words, people go mad for good photos. I shoot on professional equipment and capture everything that looks good about your brand.

    You'll also get a second set of branded photos, great for use on posters, leaflets or websites to really tie together your consistent branding.


    Advertisement Videos

    Vary your posts with a bit of cinema. I'll plan these videos with you to fit whatever purpose you need them to serve - advertising your Christmas sale, showing off your workspace, or telling your customers to reserve their tables ahead of the rush, I'll suit it to whatever's coming up on your business calendar.

    Your videos will be optimised for social media upload, and will be provided to you in multiple HD formats.


    HQ Logo Variations

    Having a set of polished, high-res files of your logo are a bare necessity for a business owner. Whether it's for fliers, stickers, letterheads or a requesting contractor, you'll need them for branding constantly so this will save you a thousand jargon-heavy conversations with your printer.

    Your logos will come in all .jpeg, .png, .PSD, and .AI formats, on a variety of coloured and transparent backgrounds.


    Logo Animation

    Motion graphics are another means of showing production quality and product value. I'll take the logos we make for you and animate them into existence in a way that really fits your brand and its messages.

    Your animation will also come in 1080p, .mov, and .mp4, on opaque and transparent backgrounds.


    Optimised Hashtags

    Hashtags are essential for reaching the right audiences but they're often used incorrectly. I've cultivated a strategy to target the right people using hashtags picked with surgical precision to bolster your online presence with a big engagement growth. Your potential customers aren't going to doubt you when they see how much the internet loves you, and your existing customers are going to feel all the more valued when they see that they use the services of a business that social media loves to love.


    Posting Schedule

    Your holy scripture for the next three months. It comes with instructions on how to post content quickly, efficiently, and properly, so that you can spend as little time as possible on your newsfeed and more time on your business whilst still reaping the rewards of good marketing.

    It'll come as a .pdf, and I'll walk you through it when the package is ready so you're totally prepared for the next three months of smooth marketing.


    Social Media Cheat Sheet

    This 7,000-word resource compiles all the research and experience invested into developing this package. Learn everything a small brand owner needs to know about social media to get ahead - the advice in this booklet will enlighten you to ideas you've never before considered and will revolutionise the way you approach social media.



    Social media growth follows a snowball effect, so a couple of months of build-up ensures the best out of your third month's content. With that in mind, we advise booking a package to incorporate a key retail period, sale or offer in the third month.

    To book a package, just fill out our contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting to plan next steps.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Seabrook Media to other companies, colleagues and friends.