Social Media Packages

The Benefits

An organised marketing approach

The stress of social media comes from unpreparedness - you don't know what needs to be done and you don't know where to begin planning. I work with brand owners to not only innovate a strategised marketing approach, but produce and organise all the content for you, so for the following quarter you know exactly what's happening with your social.

Content your competition can't follow

Your feeds will share meticulously-planned content on a regular basis, communicating key messages to your audience using brand-nurturing creative media. I use industry standard kit and software to make my content, and have years of experience in the practice of doing so. You'll be elevating your audience's impression of your brand to higher echelons.

A much smaller investment than agencies or staff demand

Agencies use the same frameworks and strategies to develop their approach, but since their overheads are much higher, so becomes their costs - pick a figure between £5,000 and £50,000 and you might be close. Hiring marketing staff member means committing at least £20,000 a year in salary, but that's no promise they'll have the creative production skills or strategies to boost your digital presence. With my packages, a brand can ensure it's receiving both creative content and researched strategy for much, much less.

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The Process


I learn everything there is to know about your brand from customers to competitors, using bespoke frameworks and methods sourced from marketing professionals. Using my research I gain accurate and valuable insights into what engaging and innovative content strategies we can implement to reach your audience.


Using my findings, I work with you to plan what specific content (photographs, videos, graphics) we'll need to fill three months of regular posting. I then turn up with my kit and produce everything, with a fast turnaround. I create and source other additional resources for you (write all your captions, create a bank of relevant usable hashtags, etc.)


I return to you with all your content, and through a method I've created combining scheduling and upload process simplification, we turn the constant weighing responsibility of social media management into a streamlined, effective and automated process. Every post contains engagement-provoking content designed to increase brand trust and character (which translates to sales and repeat custom), all your captions are written ahead of time, and all the content I've produced is loaded into your phone.

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Social media packages are a perfect solution for growing enterprises looking to outsource tasks into safe hands. They're also a great intermediate step for businesses ready to start working with agencies, but can't afford the prices.

I offer a range of packages, depending on your various marketing needs.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Seabrook Media to other companies, colleagues and friends.